“Some of the most creative music we have heard in a while...”
- RELEVANT Magazine

We have stains, it's true
But when Your light shines through
we all look like stained glass windows to you




Jon Guerra is an indie Christian singer-songwriter based (proudly) in Chicago who writes what he most often describes as “devotional songs.”

Those who have discovered Jon’s music deeply resonate with his poetry, harmonies, compelling vocals, and the way his lyrics give voice to what is deep in our souls - the unspoken things we carry within us and previously did know how to express. “He has a way of unlocking and articulating the hidden thoughts of the heart.”

Touring extensively with various Christian and mainstream artists, Jon Guerra continues to write and record for his own solo work, as well as regularly collaborating with other artists, the duo Praytell with his wife Valerie, worship collectives, the podcast The Creative Muscle, and film/commercial scores.

Jon is currently finishing his next full-length album, set to release “when it tells me it’s ready.”


With a penchant for thought-provoking lyrics, innovative instrumentation and pleading vocals regularly wrapped around an entrancing, devotional undercurrent, Jon Guerra is steadily being recognized as one of today’s most gifted indie Christian singer-songwriters.

Just because he met the world at large in 2015 with Little Songs (Essential Records) doesn’t mean the Chicagoan (raised in Wheaton, a salt-of-the-earth Midwestern small town) is a newcomer to his craft.

While diligently studying Bob Dylan, Rich Mullins, Sufjan Stevens and Rufus Wainwright, along with influential poets/writers Emily Dickinson, Robert Lax, and George Herbert, and Marilynne Robinson, Guerra essentially spent his entire artistic journey switching between local band and solo life. He’s been courted by mainstream labels, toured with and written for various general-market and Christian acts, and even served as a jingle writer for massive companies like Comcast, Chase Bank and Allstate Insurance. By 2013, the artist of many associations also put his pen to writing worship songs.

“I was first invited to write songs with Vertical Worship, and I went on one of their writer’s retreats, though I’d never done anything like that before,” recalls Guerra of the eventual road that led to Little Songs. “I’d done faith-based music - not corporate worship in the way we understand it today - but I figured ‘well, I’m here, I want to help and I’ll try my best.’ It was on that trip that I wrote ‘I Will Follow,’ which first came out as a single on my Glass EP last year and is also on Little Songs. My church really took to that song, and I thought, ‘Maybe I can do this. Maybe I can write songs in a way that makes sense to me, while being helpful for people in my church.’”

Like many of his groundbreaking muses, Guerra brings intelligence, passion and originality to every angle of 2015 debut album, Little Songs, which shows just as many shades of a timeless troubadour as someone with a truly revolutionary approach to congregational contexts. It’s no wonder he’s attracted a sizable listener base within and without the church community, while becoming a recurring favorite for the folks at Relevant Magazine and its massive audience of those thirsting for spiritual authenticity.

“The most personal songs are the most devotional. For this record, that’s just where it went,” he confirms. “All of these 11 songs are my best effort at being a songwriter, at pleasing God, at giving something that I think is going to be useful to my friends and family in their journey of faith, and something that will be useful to churches on a Sunday morning as they’re trying to engage with God as a faith community.”

Continues Guerra: “For me, art is hewn from my heart, from my personal experience and what happens in those moments of solitude. Every song is written from a very private place, and then it’s also consumed in a very private place, generally speaking. People have their headphones in, people are in their cars and it’s like deep calls to deep in that regard. Some of these songs are written in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Some of them are written with very dear friends when we’re talking about something and we feel like a song needs to be sung about that subject in a way it hasn’t been before.”

More than any other track on the ambitious, Little Songs, the ethereal and delicate “Every Little Song” seems to best summarize Guerra’s visions for the collection and it’s clearly no coincidence to find it ranking amongst his personal favorites. “It completely encapsulates everything that I think this record ought to be about. There’s no consistent theme or concept, but every song is an offering and every song is an attempt at writing faith-based material in a way that stays true to the faith and true to my sense of art. And I just love singing it. It’s a fun finger-picking pattern, and I love the melody.”

Thus far, everyone from capacity crowds in cozy clubs to arena-sized audiences (alongside Amy Grant & Vince Gill, Crowder, Matt Maher and more) are agreeing wholeheartedly with Guerra. However, no matter what the platform, the tunesmith simply seeks to enlighten both Christ followers and seekers alike with creativity and spiritual connectivity at every turn.

“My general goal is the ministry of art, if that’s possible,” Guerra lets out with a little laugh. “For a long time, art and ministry have been at odds, but I don’t think that needs to be the case. I think artists can love their neighbor as they love themselves, while keeping their finger on the pulse of what makes a good song and what makes good art. Hopefully I can say beautiful things, sing beautifully and then let the beauty do its work.”

Jon is currently busy with film & commercial scoring, writing and performing with his wife, as Praytell, co-hosting a podcast, The Creative Muscle.

Most importantly, though, he is working on his next full-length Jon Guerra solo album, a collection of “devotional songs” he continues to craft.


like a sneaker with a worn out sole
I bring it all to you


I Will Follow

Stained Glass

Hallelujah Amen (w/ Vertical Worship)

For the Songless Hearts

Come Thou Fount

Lord Remind Me (Praytell)

Your Love Broke Through (Keith Green cover)



seeker when I wasn’t sought
redeemer by your blood I’m bought
and by your grace I’m made what i’m not
my unrelenting, ever-creating
my ever chasing God